3 Tips for Easy Vehicle Maintenance

Between work, grocery shopping and numerous appointments, it’s easy to let maintaining your vehicle slip through the cracks. Or maybe you know it’s time to stop ignoring the ominous rattling sound coming from your undercarriage, but the thought of the inevitable bill is making you anxious. Here are three tips to make your life easier and keep your car in prime condition.

Quick Oil Change

Routine oil changes are one of the easiest and most important ways to care for your vehicle. Skip the fight for a weekend time slot with your auto shop and head over to the local drive-through oil shop on your lunch break. A quick internet search for 15 minute oil changes Southwick or wherever you reside will pull up the nearest location. While you’re out, why not swing over to the drive-through car wash as well?

Keep Good Records

Maintaining a record of your last oil change, tire rotation and other important changes will make timing your next appointment much easier. This can be as in-depth as an excel spreadsheet or a simple as a stack of ordered receipts in your glove box. Having these records will take the guesswork out of scheduling and can save you headaches in the long run. It’s better to have your mechanic catch problems now than deal with a broken-down truck on the side of the road.

Put Money Aside

Although the thought of taking money out of your paycheck and putting it towards vehicle maintenance is a painful one, you’ll be glad you did. Designate a specific fund and save a little each week, whether it’s for your regular oil changes or an emergency fund. Even five dollars a week will give you a cushion and keep the panic from settling in when it’s time to fork over the cash.

Caring for your vehicle doesn’t have to be stressful. Take these simple steps to prepare ahead of time and save yourself time and money.

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