4 Types Of Vehicles Used In Assisted Living Communities  

Moving yourself or a loved one into an assisted living community doesn’t have to be a sad thing. Some of these facilities are extremely nice with top of the line technologies and the level of care they provide is excellent. They have made great strides in the last couple of decades and many residents report being quite happy living in their assisted living communities because they feel cared for while also still holding onto their sense of freedom and independence. One of the things you might be wondering is how you or your loved one will get around after the move.

Depending on your specific situation, you may or may not keep your own car. But either way, most assisted living facilities offer several different types of vehicles to make sure their staff and residents never have trouble getting around.

Transport Vans

Most senior living facilities own at least one, or in many cases several, transport vans with rear or side wheelchair lifts to make getting to the grocery store or doctors appointments super easy for residents. Before you decide on a community, make sure they have a transport van as it is definitely a helpful asset.

Wheelchairs and Scooters

Electric wheelchairs and scooters should be provided at any assisted living community you are considering moving into. Even if you don’t need one now, you may end up needing it later on, and these types of vehicles can be extremely costly and are often not covered by insurance. To avoid the stress later on, make sure your facility has you covered.


Many facilities also own buses because they are great for transporting multiple residents at once. This can be good for group outings and socialization of residents and is also economical. Find out if the facility you are considering has any buses or plans to get one in the future before you move in.


A lot of assisted living communities do allow residents to keep their own cars if they are still physically and mentally able to drive. They may have you prove this by renewing your license or getting a note from a doctor, but it will be worth it if you want to hold onto your car and the independence it provides for you.

Many older people are also very attached to their cars because they have had them for many years and have put tons of work into them. If having to sell or get rid of your car would be a dealbreaker for you, make sure to ask around to facilities and find one that will allow you to keep yours.

Getting around is a breeze once you find the right assisted living community for you. With the options above plus more, rest assured that you will be able to travel to everywhere you need to go, safely and with ease.

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