What To Buy for the Person Who Has Everything

Gift-giving is a great way to show your loved ones that you care. Some people are difficult to buy for, though, no matter how hard you try. When someone has the means to buy what they want, it can seem like there isn’t anything left to choose from. Here are a few ideas to help you select a gift for the person who has everything.

Buy Services

Even people who are happy to spend money on things they want are often less eager to pay for services — especially if it’s something they can do themselves. What would your gift recipient really appreciate having someone do for them but wouldn’t spend the money to get it done? Some great ideas include car detailing Maryland, a personal chef for a set number of meals, or even a certificate for housekeeping or laundry services.

Give Experiences

Whether you can join your recipient in enjoying the experience or not, sending someone on a fun adventure can be a great gift. You can opt for something specific, such as theater or concert tickets for a show you know they’d love. Broader experiences are also fun. Give someone who loves to travel a National Parks pass. Families with young kids might love a pass to a local zoo or children’s museum.

Go For Consumables

Sometimes you want to give a physical gift. Consumables are great — you can have the package-opening experience, but the recipient doesn’t have another possession to store or display. Chocolate and flowers are classics for a reason but consider other options too. If you know someone who enjoys painting, buy some watercolors to replenish their supply. Personalized stationery can be a great excuse for someone to get into letter writing.


When you’re buying gifts for the person who has everything, it can be easy to fall back on yet another tie or collectible knickknack, but plenty of other options exist. Choose an experience, service, or consumable that your recipient will love and give your gift with a smile.


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