3 Unique Repair and Maintenance Challenges to Expect from Hybrid Vehicles

How different is it to repair and maintain a hybrid car? Today, we talk about the repair and maintenance challenges that you can expect from your hybrid vehicle.

For about a decade now, Americans have the choice to drive hybrid cars. With hybrids becoming more mainstream, now is the best time to jump on the alternative fuel bandwagon as hybrid cars are now better and more affordable than many years ago.

Although hybrid cars are becoming more common, many owners are still in the dark when it comes to hybrid auto body repair and maintenance. It is important to understand what sort of challenges can you expect when it comes to hybrid car repair and maintenance.

3 Repair and Maintenance Challenges To Expect From a Hybrid Car

1. Hybrids Have Complex Electronics

Unlike the traditional gas-powered vehicle, the majority of hybrid and electronic cars come with sophisticated electronic systems that operate the motor.

When there’s an issue concerning these sophisticated components, your best bet is to bring it to an authorized collision repair shop.

Otherwise, if it’s a common repair job like an oil change or an issue with the brake disc pads, it’s fine to stop by your local auto repair shop.

2. Hybrids Have a Different Battery System

Hybrid cars feature a special battery system and as you might have guessed, it’s also a fairly complex piece of equipment. The main battery used by a hybrid car is enormous when compared to a standard car battery. Also, hybrid car batteries are very expensive and can easily cost a few thousand dollars.

With that said, hybrid batteries will last you a long time. For instance, a hybrid battery from Toyota comes with an eight-year warranty or 100,000 miles.

In the case the battery fails, you will need to bring it to a certified mechanic. Again, hybrid car batteries are engineered to be reliable and long-lasting, so you won’t be having this problem often.

3. Tricky to Find Hybrid Car Mechanics

As mentioned earlier, certain hybrid components are sophisticated and require a special mechanic for repair and maintenance. When your car needs a simple job like an oil change or anything that doesn’t involve electrical components, it’s perfectly acceptable to go a regular auto body repair shop.

Having said that, finding a collision repair shop with a certified hybrid car mechanic can be a challenge but it’s a must. For instance, if the hybrid’s cooling system fails, you want it to be fixed by a knowledgeable mechanic who is experienced with hybrid components. The last thing you want is to exacerbate the problem by having an unqualified mechanic work on your car.

Fortunately, the growing popularity of hybrid cars is making it easier to find certified mechanics as mechanics learn the hybrid trade.

Are Hybrids More Expensive to Maintain?

In reality, the cost of hybrid ownership is not that different than owning a regular car. Even though the jobs that are specific to hybrids are more expensive, the sophisticated hybrid technologies will help you save money down the line.

Just make sure that you find a reliable auto body repair shop that can work with your hybrid car.

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