Electronic Rust Proofing

What You Need to Know About It?

There are many rust repair products on the market, including the ever popular Electronic Rust Preventer. The Electronic Rust Prevention System actually works by slowing down the process by which an iron substance in any automobile reacts with the water present inside the form of rust.


This is because rust happens when a chemical reaction occurs between rust and water. The electronic rust prevention system slows down this chemical reaction, thereby stopping the rust damage that has already been started. This means that if you already have rust on any portion of your automobile, the electronic rust preventer system will stop further corrosion from occurring.


The electronic rust protection is actually present on many vehicles. Some are manufactured with certain electronic components that prevent corrosion, but most are sold without this protective system.


These devices, as well as other forms of preventative maintenance, like tune-ups and bodywork repairs, are becoming more popular as vehicles become more fuel efficient. As the owner of an automobile that requires regular preventative maintenance, you may want to consider using one of these electronic rust protection systems.


Types of Electronic Rust Protection Device

One type of electronic rust protection device comes in a kit that is used for both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. The devices include a small electronic circuit board with a series of relays that is designed to detect the presence of moisture on the transmission’s engine pan.

When moisture contacts on the circuit board, an alarm sounds off, alerting you to the fact that moisture is present. If you do not already have one of these devices, the kits include an adapter kit for automobiles that already have cathodic protection devices installed.

Another type of electronic rust protection is a self-adhesive rustproofing protector. This type of system works well for either new or used vehicles, although some consumers prefer to use them on vehicles that have already been damaged.

Some of the features of these devices are an adjustable thermostat that allows you to set a specific temperature to which your vehicle should be exposed to protect from rust.

Some devices also contain an auto-immune adhesive that will seal against rust when it penetrates the material onto which it is adhered. The last category is a rust proofing spray that contains an active ingredient that will destroy the rust once it is applied to the surface.



·      There are several additional features that may be included in an electronic rust proofing device.

·      Many contain an ionization barrier that protects against the effects of harmful chemicals found in certain paints and finishes.

·      There may also be a warranty on your purchase of this type of protection system.

·      Some states, such as Missouri, actually require the vehicle owner to have electronic rust protection devices while they are driving on public roads.

·      It is a safety precaution designed to keep both motorists and pedestrians safe from the corrosive effects of road salt.

Although salt and road salt do have different effects on metals, the bottom line is that both have the potential to ruin your vehicle’s finish if not properly handled.

Taking the extra step of having a protective device installed will not only ensure that you will be safer on the road, but that you will save money on unnecessary repairs to your vehicle.

Electrostatic Couplertec – Best Protection for Electronic Components


Couplertec ERP is one of the leading companies in the field of electronic corrosion protection devices and tools. “Couplertec Electronic Rust Protection Device” is the trade name given to this product by Couplertec Limited.


CouplerTec electronic rustproofing technology is an electronic one time installation that can efficiently stop rust on any auto vehicle.

Thus CouplerTec Electronic Rustproofing Systems are fully electronic environ mentally friendly products that hugely prolongs the lifespan of vehicles

One of the major features in Couplertec ERP system is its Capacitive Coupler Technology. This exclusive coupling system provides high strength, endurance and reliability to the electronic component and the application.

This system uses a single transformer to provide the high frequency and low voltage signal as well as to provide the high temperature resistance.

The ERP system is well-known member of the ISO certification and meets all the safety standards in food and chemical processing industries. It is highly demanded component as it ensures the effective and accurate operation of the entire process in the most cost effective way.

Many customers ask that why they need to buy a Couplertec product?

The answer is that every electronic device requires some form of protection against electro-chemical reaction or rusting. Thus, all electronic equipment’s like capacitors, resistors, diodes, sensors, output terminals etc should be well-protected with the help of the exclusive and patented capacitive coupling technology of the Couplertec.

Besides this, the electronic equipment’s that need protection from corrosion need to be shielded from any hazardous effects of the corrosive or hazardous environment.


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