Some Of The Questions You Should Ask Before Buying A Pre-Owned Vehicle From An Individual Seller

Consumers have options when it comes to how they buy their used cars today. There’s always the tried and true method that’s worked for generations now, visiting a pre-owned auto dealer Lancaster County PA. People can also order previously owned cars from various online sites and get them delivered to their homes. Lastly, nobody can forget about individual sellers, which are the focus here today.

Many dealerships certify vehicles these days, meaning they inspect and give them their seals of approval. Unfortunately, most individual sellers can’t offer those same guarantees, though. Hence, if that’s your chosen route, please, practice due diligence and ask the person plenty of questions about the ride. That might save you from buying a clunker. The following sections offer a couple of question ideas to help get you started.

Has The Car Been Properly Maintained?

Some used vehicles can be like the Energizer bunny and keep going and going for what seems like forever if they’re maintained correctly. Unfortunately, however, not all owners do the things that matter, like change oil, lubricate fittings, or rotate tires. Therefore, it is important to touch on the topic of maintenance before handing over your hard-earned cash. It might not be a bad idea to ask to see receipts and records too. If those are available, that should provide you with some peace of mind on the matter.

Has The Vehicle Been Wrecked?

The last thing a person needs is to buy a used car, only to discover that the frame is bent and it’s going to have issues soon. Yet, that’s what might happen if you forget to check on the crash status of the vehicle. For a small fee, individuals can get CARFAX reports. Ask the seller if they have one you can see ahead of coming to an agreement. That could save you a lot of headaches and grief in the long run.


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