Understanding Your Vehicle’s Fuel System Maintenance Needs

Most vehicles on the road today use a form of electronic fuel injection. When fuel injection systems began replacing carburetors fuel efficiency went up, and emissions went down. But, these modern fuel systems still some maintenance and cleaning to maintain peak performance.

Preventative Maintenance is Often Enough

High-quality gasoline and fuel injection cleaners are often enough to keep a fuel injection system working. Routine fuel injection service Lakewood CO, which often involves running a cleaning solution through the system may be useful. These maintenance steps will end up saving you money and trouble. Your fuel pump doesn’t require any special attention, or shouldn’t. It may contain the vehicle’s only fuel filter so that may need to be replaced periodically.

Buying the right gasoline can make a difference too. Fuel injection systems are prone to clogging from fuel that lacks the right detergent. In general, this detergent issue is minor as those cleaning additives are required by United States law. However, “top tier” gasoline offers extra cleaning and a little extra protection for the fuel system.

Signs You Need Maintenance

Regardless of the car’s fuel system, there are some common signs that a system needs cleaning. Sluggish acceleration or “hesitating” when the gas pedal is pressed may indicate a fuel system problem. Usually, the problem is just clogged fuel injectors or a clogged fuel filter. Most cars have a fuel filter under the hood or in the fuel pump. An old filter that is getting clogged usually gets replaced, though it is possible to clean and reuse a metal filter.

Modern fuel systems, from the pump to the filter to the fuel injectors are robust and low-maintenance. If you keep your fuel injectors clean and replace your fuel filter from time-to-time, you can go a long way toward ensuring clean and reliable performance for years.



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