Role of VIN Decoder to Increase Fleet Management

To be a successful fleet manager, one must know everything about your vehicles. Undoubtedly, maintaining a fleet of 10 or 1000 assets may be challenging and time-consuming due to the difficulty of keeping track of each vehicle’s specifications and information.

Fleet management technology may be used for various purposes, including analyzing patterns, identifying potential savings possibilities, and gaining a better understanding of your on-road operations.

A fleet manager must see the full scope of the fleet’s assets. A VIN decoder makes it simple to keep track of all your vehicles with an up-to-date and relevant view using organizational grouping and custom reporting.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how VIN Check might improve fleet management:

What is the need for VIN Check for fleet management business?

The vehicle identifying number (VIN) serves as a kind of DNA when it comes to fleet management. A car’s whole existence relies on the data included inside its vehicle identification number (VIN). VIN information may be used to a fleet’s benefit, but it must be readily available to anybody who touches the fleet. It’s simple to use online fleet management software that includes VIN decoding capabilities.

Simple VIN Check software allows you a vehicle’s VIN to rapidly fill a car’s information in a vehicle record. As a result of removing manual data input, providing data accessible from anywhere, and making better judgments based on this information, fleet operations may be more efficient.

It may provide you’re the following benefits:

1.     Make it possible to get faster access to the information you need!

A business’s success is directly related to its ability to attract and retain customers. An easy-to-use search engine is a must for everyone, and the same rule may be implemented for the users of VIN. Using the VIN, users may look up for:

  • Car history
  • Identify the vehicle’s driver

They can perform a variety of other tasks also. It may be advantageous to have a VIN decoder if your company has a fleet of several thousand vehicles. After all, the user experience matters most to any business owner.

2.     Allow you to get rid of typing data manually!

Automating vehicle data input saves time and stress. Handwriting car specifications and specifics require research. Manual input is not only time consuming but also prone to mistakes.

Automatically decoding VINs guarantees you have the most up-to-date fleet car data. Fleet management software like Vindecoderz can decode a VIN instantly. You just have to enter a 17-digit VIN and press decode. The system then populates all vehicle information. The vehicle record securely stores and organizes data. A VIN stores plenty of useful data for its users that includes:

  • Year, make, model, trim, ownership, body type, MSRP of a vehicle.
  • Towing capacity, payload and EPA city/highway/combined are some of the performance numbers that may be found on a vehicle’s spec sheet.
  • Engine & Transmission (Block/Cylinders/Ventilators/HP/Torque)
  • Front/rear wheel diameter and tyre size
  • Fluids – Fuel tank(s), oil tank(s), etc.

3.     It aids you to make better judgments!

VIN data may help with car upkeep, comparisons, and replacement. When precise vehicle data is available, it may help fleet managers make better fleet choices. It makes it easier to make a lot of decisions for Businesses/vehicle owners, such as:

  • Selection of the suitable vehicle
  • Heavy-duty vehicles need towing capacity, clearance, and weight, while long-distance vehicles need to be fuel-efficient and safe.
  • When using fleet management software, users can compare vehicle specs and performance at any time.

4.     VIN Check is beneficial to maintain tasks!

Specs can assist determine the optimal service plan, avoiding over-or under-maintenance. This extends vehicle life, increases uptime, and lowers expenses. Understanding your fleet allows you to properly spec new cars and replace ageing assets. Your fleet will evolve to meet your company’s demands.

A VIN decoding tool in fleet management software may save you time by automatically filling actionable vehicle data and accessing the right personnel. Using VIN data increases efficiency and helps make better judgments.

Your customers may see discrepancies in information, incomplete vehicle descriptions, or empty fields in certain circumstances. In contrast, vehicle identification solutions use data 24 hours a day, every week, seven days a week. To guarantee that accurate data is provided, they are in touch with all producers.


VIN Check is a tool that allows you to provide a lot of value to your customers if you use this solution in your application. Your clients may improve their processes, which is a win-win for both of you.

Used car owners may also utilize VIN check services to determine whether their vehicle has been involved in an accident if the manufacturer has ever had to recall it, how many times the vehicle has been purchased and sold, and more… The list goes on and on and on and on.

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