Top 5 Roads In North America To Drive Your Supercar

The worth of a supercar depends on how much you spend on maintenance and upkeep. In this instance, purchasing a supercar is the least of your worries.

However, many supercar owners are unconcerned about the future and fail to make the most of their exquisite cars. 

If you are enthusiastic about participating in events and rallies, you can also ship your prized vehicle to various locations worldwide. 

Moreover, if you want to live in the moment, here are the top five roads in North America where you can drive your supercar and test its limits. 

  • Route 101 – California, USA

This route, which runs nearly the entire length of California, offers you breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.  Route 101 joins the ocean and continues along the coast until it reaches Washington. Along the journey, you will find what appears to be endless ocean views. We propose that you make a pit stop in Long Beach, a 28-mile-long highway on the Washington coast, one of the most excellent beach drives anywhere in the summer.

  • Scenic Byway Spearfish Canyon – South Dakota, USA

The Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway is between the communities of Spearfish and Savoy in the Black Hills of South Dakota; the route will take you past ponderosa and aspen forests, clear mountain streams, and towering limestone rills. If the way is clear, it rewards you with smooth pavement and a few radars or laser-based killjoys. Iron Mountain Road is another fantastic option if you are spending a day or two in the area.

  • Million Dollar Highway – Colorado, USA

Between Montrose, Colorado, and Bloomfield, New Mexico, U.S. Route 550 offers nothing but breathtaking scenery and thrilling roadways. But it’s the 23-mile stretch north of Silverton, Colorado, that’s the most famous. This portion of the road is known as the Million Dollar Highway. This is because enormous lodes of silver and gold were discovered in the neighboring mountains in the 1870s. As a result, it has excellent pavement and decreasing radius switchbacks.

  • Sea to Sky Highway 99 – British Columbia, Canada

The Sea-to-Sky Highway, which lends the region its name, climbs to the slope and takes two hours to drive from Vancouver to Whistler, one of North America’s top ski resorts. The highway’s highest point will place you at almost 4,183 ft. The region is rich in Salish Indian ancient finds and historical traditions.

  • Indiana State Road 135 – Indiana, USA

State Road 135 connects Indianapolis to the Kentucky border in the south and is barely used, especially just south of Indianapolis through the small community of Nashville, Indiana. Moreover, the landscape and greenery are beautiful, making it an excellent road for you to relax before supper. Still, there are also thousands of corner complexes to keep the eager motorist in you entertained. 


Unlock Your Speed


We hope this list has made it easier to decide where to take your supercar on a joyride. First, however, you must ensure that you are following all applicable state highway rules and that you have the necessary safety precautions in place to avoid any accidents while driving. 


Pedal to the metal!

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